A free how-to guide

Debating: A free how-to guide

When was the last time that you debated? Was it today? Yesterday? Perhaps even last week?book-format-46-kk

If you said, “never”, you are wrong. Everyone has debated, and almost everyone has debated more recently than they think. Debating is all around us; on the television, in the newspapers, and in our own homes. As a society, we debate about almost everything – from tax reform to mowing the lawn. Debating is everywhere, and everyone can do it.

Debating is a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide on mastering the art of formal argument.  The book is written for debaters, coaches and their supporters, at every level of experience.  Chapters are divided into levels, from ‘Beginner’ (those who have never debated before) to ‘Advanced’ (National and World Championship standard).  The book covers all aspects of debating: Preparation (including sections on team preparation, individual preparation and teamwork), Rebuttal, Manner, Points of Information and Reply Speeches.  It also contains games and activities to assist debaters and their coaches, a number of simple guide sheets and a list of 500 topics, grouped according to their issue.  Best of all, it’s free!


Download the book or download slides for teaching